Sunday | November 19, 2017
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Simply Cloud is a provider of cloud computing services, including SaaS VoIP, desktops, servers and exchange

How it all works

Hosted Applications known as Software as a Service (SaaS) are delivered across the internet rather than being installed locally. You get applications for a low monthly fee hosted on our resilient cloud platform designed to self heal offering you 99.9% uptime of your applications. Our Simply Cloud engineers maintain the infrastructure so you can get access to your applications where ever you have an internet connection.

Applications from the cloud mean you can access applications without having to purchase licenses upfront so you just pay a low monthly fee for services on a pay as you grow basis. New applications or users can be added at the click of the button, this can be great if you only need an application for a short period to complete a particular task for example.

Hosted Applications from simply cloud can be accessed from a range of operating systems and devices including Linux, Windows and MacOSX.

Citrix and Terminal Services

Simply Cloud offers a great alternative to in house server based computing solutions like Citrix and Terminal Services. We maintain and manage the platform giving you 24x7 access to your applications without you having to manage the headache and the cost of installing and maintaining the solution.