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Simply Cloud is a provider of cloud computing services, including SaaS VoIP, desktops, servers and exchange


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions for our Voice over IP service, if you have questions that are not covered in the below please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 034 6030, via live chat or let us call you back:

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How do I use the hosted VoIP service?
Using the hosted VoIP service is simple, we provide pre-configured handsets that are ready to be plugged into your network so they have internet connection and you are ready to begin making and receiving calls. No more BT lines or expensive telephone systems are required as all calls are sent via the internet giving you good voice quality, not only this but call charges are also lower than a traditional telephone system.
What happens if I lose my internet connectivity?
Hosted VoIP is heavily reliant on your internet connection, if this connection is lost then the phone will be unable to make a connection in order to send and receive calls. At Simply Cloud we mitigate the changes of this happening by suggesting the installation of a second ADSL line for installations of more than 5 seats, if at any stage this new voice line goes down you can switch back to your original data line for continued service.

Depending on the size of your organisation a load balanced solution of several ADSL lines might be a cost effective method of giving you the best possible uptime for both voice and data.

At Simply Cloud we can provide the connectivity that you require to connect to your cloud packages.

Can I keep my existing numbers?
Yes, through a process called porting we can bring your exisiting number(s) across to your hosted VoIP service. This involves little effort from you and can be sorted with a simple phone call to one of our team and to your existing telephone service provider.
How much bandwidth will I need?
An average VoIP call will use 50kbp of upload bandwidth.
How much am I likely to save?
After conducting numerous case studies, we’ve found that your monthly savings will be between 20-35%.