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Simply Cloud is a provider of cloud computing services, including SaaS VoIP, desktops, servers and exchange

Connect to a Hosted Virtual Desktop

Connecting to a hosted virtual desktop couldn't be simpler, to use the web interface simply log into our web portal and click to launch your desktop, you are ready to use your desktop as normal. There are no applications to install and administrator rights are not required when using our web interface.

We also have a desktop client for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX which can be configured to automatically launch on startup of a PC or thin client, the user is then presented with a familiar desktop and ready to work.

Reduce costs further, connect with a thin client

A thin client is in essence a micro PC, it has a smaller footprint on desk than a desktop PC or laptop, consumes less power and has no moving parts for increased reliability. They are also extremely cost effective when compared with a traditional PC.

Thin clients are very easy to install, just plug in your keyboard, monitor, mouse and network connection and you are ready to go. All the thin clients can be managed by Simply Cloud, if you have no internal IT department this can be a great way to minimise the amount of onsite IT support required. Thin clients can be swapped out or used in a hot desk environment without issue as all data and per user settings are stored on the hosted desktop, the thin client itself contains no user information.