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Simply Cloud is a provider of cloud computing services, including SaaS VoIP, desktops, servers and exchange

Small Medium Businesses

Pay as you grow and reduce capital expenditure

Simply Cloud understands that every businesses requirements are different and work closely with our customers to understand these needs and provide a tailored solution to fit. IT departments in small to medium companies often don't have in-house IT resources and those that do have often they are stretched with heavy workloads. Simply Cloud works with many small to medium businesses to provide part or all of their IT infrastructure. They leave the management and maintenance of there infrastructure to us while they concentrate on their area of expertise, knowing that in the event of new IT requirements these can be met quickly and efficiently.

Our hosted cloud solutions enable small to medium businesses to utilise the latest technologies which if purchased managed and maintained in a traditional manner would be out of reach to them due to the capital expenditure and IT resource required. Working with Simply Cloud these businesses can utilise these technologies to benefit their business paying only for services that they use, enabling them to lower overheads and become more competitive in their marketplace.

Our full range of services are available here, why not talk to our team to discuss which services best fit your business needs on 0845 034 6030 or use live chat to get in touch.

Here are a few problem scenarios that small/medium businesses talk to us about regularly:

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Reduce Overheads:
In order to remain competitive in today's tough market businesses are always looking for ways to cut overheads. Utilising our cloud services to reduce upfront capital expenditure but still have access to the latest technologies that benefit business our customers achieve a lower total cost of ownership.

Recommended services: Hosted Virtual Desktop, Hosted VoIP, Software as a Service, Hosted Exchange

No internal IT team:
Small businesses without an internal IT team often rely on external contractors to fix issues as they arise, this fire fighting approach often leaves individual users or the entire business without a PC or an entire service for long periods, uptake of our cloud services can mitigate this downtime as our platform is constantly monitored to resolve any issue before it impacts our users giving you improved uptime.

Recommended services: Hosted Virtual Desktop, Software as a Service, Hosted Exchange

Starting a new business:
If you are just starting out as a new business then the likelihood is that you need a PC's with relevant servers, phones and email facilities at a minimum, involving upfront capital before you can even begin running your business. With Simply Cloud and our pay as you grow structure you can keep start up costs at a minimum while having access to the latest software and technologies and keep your costs down.

Recommended services: Hosted Virtual Desktop, Hosted VoIP, Software as a Service, Hosted Exchange

Provide Remote Access to staff:
The winter weather over recent years has shown just how important it is to have remote access in the event users are unable to reach the office. Remote access is not only about working when you are unable to get into the office but enables better productivity when a user is in another office, on the move or in a hotel on a business trip. With our cloud offerings you need no more than internet access and a web browser in order to access your applications, desktops etc.

Recommended services: Hosted Virtual Desktop, Hosted VoIP, Software as a Service, Hosted Exchange

IT refresh/upgrade:
Upgrading old hardware can be a costly process, and one that needs to be done every 3-5 years under traditional infrastructures. Simply Cloud services can enable you to extend the life of existing PC's/laptops with the use of hosted desktops or SaaS applications can be provided from the Cloud. Existing desktops effectively become dump terminals as all application processing is done on our cloud platform. Alternatively as hardware breaks or really comes to the end of its life it can be replaced with cost effective thin clients to give users access to our platform.

Recommended services: Hosted Virtual Desktop, Software as a Service

Limited IT personnel:
IT managers and staff are being asked to do more with less in the current economic climate, while budgets are being cut growing the number of services offered to the business is simply not possible under traditional computing methods. Migration to the cloud can alleviate some of the work load from your in-house IT staff while increasing uptime of the migrated services. Working with Simply Cloud allows IT managers to offload the services that are in areas that the internal team either don't have the time or the knowledge to manage yet remain within budget.

Recommended services: Hosted Virtual Desktop, Hosted VoIP, Software as a Service, Hosted Exchange