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Hosted Telephony Versus IP-PBX - Hosted wins
Thursday, 31 March 2011 00:00

Voicenet Solutions, representing the Hosted VoIP sector was crowned champions of the inaugural PBX Vs Hosted Telephony Head to Head shoot out

at the Convergence Summit North. 

Billed as a "knock out between a major international PBX vendor and an award winning Hosted Telephony provider" both representatives of their respective telecom solutions were requested to make a pitch to an imaginary Legal firm of 60 employees and judged by the audience.

The requirements of the fabricated Legal firm included:


  • Inter branch calling across their two sites
  • Up to ten remote workers
  • Call recording and phone integration with the main phone system
  • The winner of the pitch was decided by the audience made up of telecom professionals

Both representatives covered the feature requirements, implementation plan and the return on investment scenarios over a five year period.

Then after an hour of presentations, in front of a packed auditorium that was described as "standing room only" by the Editor of Comms Business, Gary Pryor from Voicenet Solutions was crowned the winner of the head to head.

Audience comments highlighting the benefits for both the end-user and the reseller gave some indication why Hosted VoIP won the contest:

For example, from a reseller perspective there was a strong belief that the recurring revenue was of greater benefit. From an end-user perspective it was mentioned that the flexibility of the hosted solution including the scalability of data networks and additional features were of real benefit to any sized business. 

Gary Pryor Commented "We've known it for years, but this result goes a small way in proving that Hosted VoIP offers a more effective solution to businesses and telecom resellers than the traditional IP PBX."

If you would like to find out more about the Hosted Telephony offering from Award winning Voicenet Solutions, then visit or call one of our consultants.

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