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Remote Working Study
Thursday, 14 April 2011 14:21

Letting your employees work remotely is becoming more and more popular as managers begin to see the benefits remote working can provide a business. Allowing employees to work from home, even just one or two days a week is shown to boost employee moral, loyalty and productivity.

The results of a study conducted in the United States displayed exactly this, 39,694 employees from different business verticals participated in the study, working remotely for one week in February. Benefits were seen from both management and the employee for a number of reasons.


More productive workforce - During the week of remote working both employees and the organisations themselves reported increased productivity.

Saving time and money - The remote workers saved approximately two hours of travelling time each day (with an average of a 50 mile roundtrip to their workplace and back). In time alone, working from home just two days a week is equivalent to around a £2000 annual raise, without taking into account the amount that was saved in fuel and other travel costs.

Support from Managers - After the study managers are more open to the concept of working remotely than before. 60% of organisations that took part say management is more supporting of remote work than just one year ago.

Remote Worker

What did managers report:

  • Improved employee work/life balance
  • Increased morale/employee satisfaction
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved business continuity
  • Improved understanding of telework best practices

What did employees report:

  • Less stress
  • Greater work-life balance
  • Increased Productivity, so much so 76% of employees reported they got more work done while working remotely.

Based on feedback from the participants of the study here are some tips for making remote working a success for your business:

  • Ensure your remote employees have a solid plan for the day, knowing deliverables and goals.
  • Make use of shared calendars to ensure everyone knows when each person is working remotely
  • Improve the IT infrastructure to ensure maximum efficiency of all systems and applications
  • Improve the use of an electronic file system so that all hard copies are available from anywhere

With the remote working trend set to increase throughout 2011/12 the migration to Cloud Computing enables remote working to be offered to employees in a simple and secure manner. Enable users to access their full desktop via a Hosted Virtual Desktop and make and receive telephone calls as if they were in the office via a Hosted VoIP solution.

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