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London Riots - rise in Cloud interest
Thursday, 18 August 2011 08:59

With the rioting in London causing chaos for businesses we have experienced a surge in the number of Cloud enquires across the entire range of services that we offer. Being able to access your business services or data from anywhere with an internet connection can be a god send especially when the road your business is on is either being looted, on fire or closed by police.


Which Cloud based services saw an increase in uptake?

We have been handling enquires across the board, smaller businesses with little or no backup procedures have looked to take on online backup services, mainly to protect their business from theft of their server but also protect data from fire and other damages. As the threat was immediate most customers wanted to start backing up their data straight away so our engineers have been busy deploying backup agents left, right and centre.

Larger business however are coming to us to discuss business continuity in the instance that they are in future affected by such events customers are keen to ensure users can work from home if they are unable to reach the office or more importantly that their servers are securely replicated offsite for fast restore should the office be a victim of fire. In these instances we suggest offerings such as Hosted Desktops and Software as a Service to ensure users are able to get to business services from anywhere with an internet connection. While our DR and business continuity offering provides a reliable, secure was to get replicas of servers offsite that can be recovered within a short time window.

The rioting affecting London and the surrounding cities, including Birmingham in West Midlands is said to cost the UK £100 million, and would rise above £200 million, according to The Sun. This uptake of cloud computing will help businesses minimise damages and costs to restore business operations in future events.

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