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Simply Cloud is a provider of cloud computing services, including SaaS VoIP, desktops, servers and exchange

Hosted Desktop Specification

By moving to a hosted virtual desktop you are no longer limited to the hardware at the desktop level, even our base virtual desktops have ample specification to meet even a heavy users needs. By choosing a hosted virtual desktop from Simply Cloud you know that you are always using the latest technology and that you can upgrade your desktop at the touch of a button.

Our hosted desktops are backed up daily, patched, updated and virus scanned. 24x7 access to your desktop and our support engineers comes as standard with all of our packages.

All of our specifications can be tailored to your needs, but here is an example of a typical hosted virtual desktop:

Feature Details
Operating System Windows 7 style
CPU Power 1
Disk Space 10GB
Memory 2GB/4GB
Resources Upgradeable Y
Fully Customisable Y
Fully Isolated Environment Y
Included Applications  
Microsoft Office Standard 2010 Y
Adobe Reader 9 Y
Anti-virus protection Y
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Advanced Management and Sharing options  
Shared Fileserver 100GB
Active Directory Management Y
Manage user access permissions Y
Supported Clients  
Windows Y
Linux Y