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Hosted Virtual Desktop FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions for our Voice over IP service, if you have questions that are not covered in the below please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 034 6030, via live chat or let us call you back:

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How do I use the Hosted Desktop service?
All you need to connect to your hosted desktop is an internet connection, your connecting device can be an existing PC, laptop or thin client. You can also connect to your Hosted Desktop from a mobile device. We have an installable client that can automatically log in and launch your desktop on startup or you can connect to your desktop via anywhere with an internet connection using the web portal, you just need your username and password.
What happens if I lose my internet connection?
Hosted Desktops rely on you having an internet connection, therefore if you lose your connection you can no longer get access to your HVD but all your programs and files will remain running on our servers so no data will be lost. At Simply Cloud we can provide fully redundant lines so that the loss of an ADSL link will just cause services to fail onto another available link so that you experience no outage of your services.
What hardware can I use?
With a hosted desktop all the processing power is done on our servers so you can utilise your existing PCs to connect to our platform, if your hardware is at the end of its useful life and you need to replace it thin clients can be a cost effective option but of course standard desktops will work too.
How fast does my internet connection need to be?
The great news is that you don't need a super fast connection in order to access your data, because all that is send to and from our servers to your device is screen image updates and keystrokes, this uses minimal amounts of bandwidth. In general, less than 75k per user will be sufficient. Why not talk to one of our providers about the connectivity options available for your building.
How does a hosted desktop compare to Terminal Services?
Hosted Desktops are very different from Terminal Services, Terminal Services essentially enables a large number of people to log onto the same server/desktop and receive a set of predefined applications without the ability to install apps or customise the user experience. With Hosted Desktops each user has there own environment in which they can personalise and install the applications they require.


As each user is logging onto their own hosted machine it brings an extra level of security over terminal services as they are the only user that is logging onto that particular hosted desktop, each hosted desktop also has guaranteed resources on the platform so you know you have the power to run your applications when you need it.

Can I use my existing applications?
Yes, each hosted desktop is completely customisable so you can install the applications you require to run your business, if you have applications that require shared data stores we can provide servers that enable you to share data stores for these applications.


If you have already purchased licensing for your existing Microsoft applications for example and you would like to continue to use these licenses then talk to us about moving them onto our platform to make additional savings when migrating to hosted desktops.

What applications are included?
We offer a range of applications that can be installed at the click of a button, including Microsoft Office, Visio, Adobe Reader and other applications that can be found in our applications catalogue