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Simply Cloud is a provider of cloud computing services, including SaaS VoIP, desktops, servers and exchange

Hosted Desktops - How it all works

The user experience of a hosted desktop is essentially no different to working with a standard desktop, you can still print, save, open and work in the same way you do on a desktop/laptop. You can also install applications and customise your machine just like a desktop. The difference is that the processing is all done on our remote platform and accessed across an internet connection. The hosted desktop itself runs on our powerful resilient infrastructure, all you need to access your desktop anywhere in the world is an internet connection, 3G dongle or a smart phone.

 A hosted desktop gives the full functionality of a traditional workstation, but instead of being reliant on local hardware it is hosted securely in our datacentre. Using minimal amounts of bandwidth just screen images and keystrokes are exchanged between our servers and the device you choose to connect with (e.g PC or thin client), all this is performed across a secure encrypted connection to ensure your data is safe.

So if the user experience is the same, why hosted virtual desktops?

That's correct! The user's Windows environment is fully customisable, they can install applications, print to the printer in the office or at home and store documents on the desktop itself as well as network shares. A hosted virtual desktop from Simply Cloud is managed by our team of qualified engineers, we backup and maintain the environment on your behalf. Not only that but the desktop runs on our cloud platform, a highly available infrastructure designed to self heal, so your desktop is available as and when you need it.